За фирми:
Ако сте фирма и желаете безплатна реклама свържете се с нас тя ще бъде поместена в безплатното списание “Реклама”:sinmania@abv.bg
Ако пък искате да помогнете: Добре сте дошли! Вижте нашите цели и пак направете връзка. Скайпа ми е: sinmania

За работодателите:

Вижте списанието. Изберете си артист и му дайте работа така можете да помогнете, а ако предлагате работа ще сложим безплатно обявата ви!

За спонсори:
Списание „Муза“ е част от доброволна инициатива на „БЪЛГАРСКА ЕЛЕКТРОННА МЕДИЯ“ състояща се от електронни списания, които желаят да помогнат за каузата „ПОПУЛЯРИЗИРАНЕ НА БЪЛГАРСКОТО“. Тези списания ще се отличават с емблема. Тя ще се дава безплатно на други медии, които работят по подобни каузи в полза на Българското общество. Ако искате да се присъедините: Вижте страницата „ЗА НАС„. Списанията ще толерират дори и чужденци помагащи за популяризиране на БЪЛГАРСКОТО(за пример позволяващи превод на ценни и образователни статии)

Набираме спонсори за следните цели:
1. Награди на участниците в списанието, както и на артистите които си представят нещата
2. Безплатни книжки за участниците във Vision
3. Реклама на CGART и други форуми, страници, събития стремящи се да популяризират БЪЛГАРСКОТО.
4. Желаем едно печатно издание с най-ниската цена, която е възможна само за консумативи и дистрибуция. Като се отиде в Public или други книжарници, в секцията Арт да има и нещо Българско и да не е 40лв, а 4лв примерно… за да можеш да си го купиш. И да дадеш на приятел.
5. Желаем да раздаваме и книжки за деца в неравностойно положение, сираци и всички добри каузи. Това е ултимативната цел!!!

Цел касаеща подобряване на образованието в България

6. Създаване на образователен център или програма в университетите за професионалисти.

Писмо от Аutodesk което получихме гласи:

Autodesk Authorized Training Center ProgramEurope, Middle East & Africa
Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your enquiry. We are pleased to offer some information below that may help you decide whether you wish to apply to become an Autodesk ATC.

Please note that we are currently NOT recruiting any new sites into the ATC Program until after 1st February 2010. You are welcome to submit an application now, but please be aware that it may not be reviewed until January and if successful, your status as an ATC may not be activated until after February.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to being an Autodesk Authorized Training Center, some of which are listed below:

· Downloadable Autodesk software at no extra cost

· 25 licenses per product/version for the products that your ATC site is authorized to teach on

· Early admission to Beta versions of software to get a glance at what’s new and to be able to prepare for courses before official release of the products

· Online Evaluation System where your customers can submit their feedback about their training experience and you can use the reporting tool for statistical & market analysis.

· FREE technical update training through our online training tool for your ATC Instructors

· Direct access to European Technical Product Support – available in local languages

· Autodesk ATC branded Course Completion Certificates for your students

· Exceptional discount on Autodesk Official Training Guides and Digital Site Licenses

· Access to marketing materials and the Autodesk Learning, Customer Learning & Autodesk ATC logos and branding

· Potential to apply to become an Autodesk Authorized Certification Center, delivering the Certification Program and proctoring professional Certification exams to our customers (this is dependent on the Program being available in your country)

· Webcasts on business and staff development topics

How to Apply

Attached is an application pack containing several items for you to read and understand before deciding whether to apply to become an Autodesk ATC.

Key documents are:

· Global ATC Program Guide

· ATC Legal Agreement (example)

You must complete all the appropriate documents in full and send them either to the email or postal address given below.

· Site Enrolment Form & Business Plan

· Instructor Enrolment Form & supporting evidence

Please note that it may take between 4-6 weeks for your application to be reviewed and considered before we confirm whether it has been accepted or denied. During this time we may contact you to seek clarification on some points or to ask for additional information.

Application approval process

As we are in the final part of our current ATC Program Year (1st February 2009 – 31st January 2010) and we have recruited many sites already this year, we may decide not to recruit any more. This should not stop you from applying if you feel it is appropriate, as your application will still be considered, but it may be deferred for a decision until after January/February 2010.

ATC Program joining Fees

To join the ATC Program in EMEA the costs are estimated to be:

ATC Annual Fee (Main Site) € 1125 plus

ATC Application Processing Fee € 1000

Please note that we have not yet finalised the costs to join the ATC Program from 1st February 2010 yet, so these fees may change.

Next Steps

Once you have read through all the documents in the attached pack, if you feel that you meet the criteria required to become an ATC and that you wish to apply, please complete and send the documents to:


Mr Ricardo da Silva

Customer Learning/ATC Program Manager

Autodesk Software Lda

Rua Pedro Ivo, 3, 2 Esq.

1700-313 Lisboa


With regards

Find out about….
the ATC Programwww.autodesk.com/atc

our Learning Tools


Questions? Contact us
Please contact our Customer Learning Helpdesk by email atatchelp@autodesk.com

Autodesk Learning & Education

Europe, Middle East & Africa

This e-mail transmission is intended only for the use of the individual or entity named above and may contain information that is confidential, privileged, and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution, or use of any of the information contained in this transmission is strictly PROHIBITED. If you have received this transmission in error, please immediately notify me by e-mail at the above address.

Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

—–Original Message—–
From: Matt Allard
Sent: 09 November 2009 13:46
To: ATC Help
Subject: FW: Feedback Form: Educators/Students

Can you please respond to this information request?


Matthew D. Allard

Senior Product Manager – Education Solutions

Worldwide Education

Autodesk, Inc.

100 Commercial Street

Manchester, NH 03101

Direct 603-621-3237

Mobile 603-502-0616

Fax 603-206-3679

AIM mattallard

—–Original Message—–

From: sinmania@abv.bg [mailto:sinmania@abv.bg]

Sent: Saturday, November 07, 2009 9:59 AM

To: FeedbackEducation

Subject: Feedback Form: Educators/Students

” sinmania@abv.bg “,” Bulgaria “,” Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Autocad..

“,” Hello, My name is Svetlozar Neykov. I want to know what are

the requirements to became an Autodesk products educator? Can I open

training center of Autodesk products here in Bulgaria? Because we have

a lot of talented children and they can really use the jobs that these

software give them. “,” Ask a Question ”

Ето и отговора ни :

We are making free magazine about art & culture in Bulgaria and we are seeking sponsors. As soon as we get the money to pay the fees for your application we will find talented professionals to fill it in..

Svetlozar Neykov.

Който се интересува за подаване на документите има такса която да се плати, а ето и формите: http://neykovi.royalsbg.com/2009_FY10_Global_ATC_Site_Application_Forms_final_versions.zip

Ако има такъв център в България ще е невероятно! И нека когато някой направи да ни каже за да го разпространим безплатно!

Смятаме да пратим такова писмо и на Adobe.


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